Travelling to Hong Kong

With its unique blend of East and West, old and new, Hong Kong is one of Asia's top tourist destinations. From high-end shopping malls to bustling street bazaars, ancient Chinese temples to glass-curtained skyscrapers, neon-lit streets to verdant countryside, Hong Kong is a city of colour and contrast.

It is one of the world's safest cities, with one of the lowest overall crime rates.

The Hong Kong skyline, with its marvellous mountain backdrop, was crowned the best in the world in terms of visual impact in 2012 by Emporis, which deemed it by far the most impressive.

Perhaps no other city offers such a spectacular range of scenery within such easy reach of the city centre. About three-quarters of Hong Kong is rural. There are 24 country parks comprising scenic hills, woodlands, reservoirs and coastline easily accessible from the urban areas.

The 5 000-hectare Hong Kong Geopark, now called Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, contains eight distinct geo-areas. Its star attractions are unique hexagonal volcanic rock columns, covering an area much bigger than similar formations at the Giant's Causeway in Northern Ireland.

Hong Kong is a gourmet's paradise and a leading wine hub. The Michelin Guide to Hong Kong and Macau 2012 features 281 local culinary attractions, ranging from hotel restaurants to modest noodle shops.

The Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) provides you with all the key information and tips, from hotel accommodation to festivals and celebrations, for planning your trip to Hong Kong and taking advantage of all that the city has to offer.

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Visa Requirements for Visiting Hong Kong

Hong Kong's autonomous, liberal immigration policy allows nationals of about 170 countries and territories visa-free stays ranging from 7 to 180 days. Japanese nationals enjoy visa-free access to Hong Kong for visit not exceeding 90 days. You can check further about visa requirements of Hong Kong with our Immigration Department.

Holders of People's Republic of China passport living overseas wishing to enter Hong Kong for visit, employment, training, study or residence as dependants or as entrants under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme or the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme should apply for an appropriate entry permit. For those who are in transit through the HKSAR to and from another country or territory may be granted a stay of seven days on each landing without the prior need to obtain an entry permit provided that usual immigration requirements are met, including possession of valid entry facilities for the destination and confirmed onward booking for the overseas journey. Please visit here for more details.

Chinese residents of Taiwan living overseas who wish to enter the HKSAR for transit, visit, employment, training, study, residence as dependants or as entrants under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme or the Quality Migrant Admission Scheme should apply for an appropriate entry permit.

Chinese residents of Taiwan may also apply for pre-arrival registration to visit Hong Kong through the GovHK website free of charge, provided they were born in Taiwan (or born outside Taiwan but have been admitted to Hong Kong as Taiwan residents before) and are not in possession of any travel document issued by other authorities outside Taiwan (except "Mainland Travel Permit for Taiwan Residents" (commonly known as "Tai Bao Zheng"); and Entry Permit and iPermit issued by the Immigration Department).

Please visit here for more details about the immigration requirements for overseas Chinese residents of Taiwan coming to Hong Kong.

Last Updated: October 03, 2018